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State-of-the-Art Communication Technology & Network Cabling

Keeping communication at its optimum level within your business isn't as simple as having a phone line and an internet connection anymore. At TelData in Fresno, California, we provide a variety of the most recent communication technology that you can implement into your business with our detailed network cabling.

Structured Cabling

The Structured Cable System is the backbone of your communications. Your telephone and data equipment rely on the cable system to transport voice and data information from station to station and the outside world. A poor cable system will cause telephones to malfunction and data systems to run slow or not at all.

One type of cable that we provide is fiber optic cables, which can also be used as the means of connection between a customer's premise and the voice/data/internet carrier in order to achieve reliable connectivity and higher bandwidth than is possible with the traditional copper or coax connections to an office building. Our other high-functioning cables include:

  • Category 3 (Cat 3) Cable
  • Category 5e (Cat 5e) Cable
  • Category 6 (Cat 6) Cable
  • Coaxial (Coax) Cable

Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP stands for Voice-over Internet Protocol, a way to talk over the internet. More than just a way to transport data, Internet Protocol (IP) is also a tool that simplifies and streamlines a wide range of business applications. Often called “digital telephone service,” VoIP connections are replacing traditional analog circuits but work with most standard phone systems. Most industries have now implemented some form of VoIP service.

IP Cameras

Businesses are struggling to realize the full potential of IP video surveillance technology due to the limitations of the underlying network. Long camera re-convergence times, scalability restrictions, security concerns, and the labor-intensive process of provisioning IP services keep IP video surveillance projects from getting off the ground.

For video surveillance that you can rely on, order our well-made IP cameras. This high-tech product comes with an assortment of value-added features.

With massive scaling for more cameras and video streams, you can break through the limits of a few thousand cameras/video streams. Avaya Video Surveillance supports tens of thousands of video streams. You’ll also receive faster recovery times. Our camera’s lightning-fast, sub-second recovery (<200 msec) helps ensure video is always available.

In addition, you’ll trade complexity for simplicity with Avaya fabric connect. IP Multicast routing can be difficult to design, complicated to deploy, painful to troubleshoot, and challenging to scale. The Avaya Video Surveillance solution eliminates that complexity, allowing for simple, fast provisioning.

TelData has partnered with nexVortex, a premier provider of Cloud Communication Services for business.

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